Tailoring And Embroidery Training

Helping an individual to become a skilled artisan in eight months with Equip India's comprehensive tailoring and embroidery training program.​
Tailoring And Embroidery Training


Tailoring And Embroidery Training

At Equip India, we offer an extensive eight-month tailoring and embroidery training program at our center. This program is designed to empower individuals with valuable skills in the field of tailoring and embroidery, enabling them to pursue a career in this industry. Participants receive comprehensive training, including theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience. They learn various techniques, patterns, and designs, and acquire proficiency in operating sewing machines and other related equipment. Our experienced trainers provide personalized guidance and mentorship throughout the training program. Upon completion, participants gain the confidence and expertise to create beautiful handcrafted garments, accessories, and home decor items. This training equips individuals with a valuable skillset that opens up employment opportunities and enhances their potential for self-sustainability and financial independence.

The Process

The eight-month tailoring and embroidery training program at Equip India Center follows a structured process to ensure comprehensive skill development and empowerment of individuals. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Application and Selection: Interested individuals submit their applications for the training program. The applications are reviewed, and candidates are selected based on eligibility criteria and their passion for learning tailoring and embroidery.

  2. Orientation and Induction: Selected candidates attend an orientation session where they are introduced to the program objectives, curriculum, and training schedule. They receive an overview of the training process and understand the expectations.

  3. Theory and Practical Training: The training program includes a balanced mix of theoretical and practical sessions. Participants learn about fabric types, sewing techniques, embroidery stitches, pattern making, and garment construction. They receive hands-on training in operating sewing machines, cutting fabrics, and executing different embroidery designs.

  4. Skill Development: Throughout the training period, participants engage in skill-building activities and projects. They practice and refine their tailoring and embroidery techniques under the guidance of experienced trainers. They also learn about color combinations, design aesthetics, and product finishing.

  5. Workshop Visits and Industry Exposure: To enhance their understanding of the industry, participants may have the opportunity to visit local textile workshops and interact with industry professionals. This exposure helps them gain insights into the market demands and trends.

  6. Evaluations and Assessments: Regular assessments and evaluations are conducted to gauge the progress of participants. They are given feedback and suggestions for improvement, ensuring their continuous growth and development.

  7. Graduation and Certification: At the end of the eight-month training program, participants successfully complete their training and receive a certification from Equip India Center. This certification validates their acquired skills and knowledge in tailoring and embroidery.

  8. Post-Training Support: Equip India provides post-training support to participants, including job placement assistance and guidance on starting their own small businesses. This support aims to help them utilize their skills effectively and achieve sustainable livelihoods.

The eight-month tailoring and embroidery training at Equip India Center equips individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue a career in the textile industry and enhance their livelihood opportunities.

We help individual to become a skilled artisan in just eight months with Equip India's comprehensive tailoring and embroidery training program.


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

No, prior experience is not required. The training program is open to beginners as well.

 You will learn various tailoring and embroidery techniques, including pattern cutting, stitching, embellishments, and more.

Yes, all necessary training materials, including sewing machines, fabrics, and embroidery tools, are provided by Equip India.

Yes, periodic assessments and evaluations will be conducted to track your progress and provide feedback for improvement.

Equip India assists trainees in finding job placements or starting their own entrepreneurial ventures in the field of tailoring and embroidery.

Financial assistance may be available based on eligibility criteria. Please contact Equip India for more information.

The training program is full-time, and regular attendance is required to gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

The training program is open to individuals of all age groups who are interested in learning tailoring and embroidery skills.

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