The Story of Rajesab

Facing challenges with an intellectual disability and a visually impaired mother, Davalsab’s tea stall business was impacted by Covid

The Story

Despite the challenges posed by DMD, Rajesab’s spirit remains undaunted. With the support of Equip India, he continues to receive the care and resources he needs to maintain a joyful and fulfilling life. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that Rajesab and his family receive the necessary assistance to cope with the difficulties brought on by the condition.

However, Equip India’s intervention brought a glimmer of hope to Rajesab’s life. The organization provided him with a specially designed wheelchair, which not only enhanced his mobility but also reinstated his right to education. With newfound independence, Rajesab rejoined school and rekindled his friendships, restoring his joy and confidence. Through the support of Equip India, Rajesab’s life has been positively transformed, and he now envisions a future filled with possibilities and dreams.

Rajesab’s life has taken a positive turn with Equip India’s support, which provided him with a modified wheelchair, enabling him to study comfortably. Additionally, the organization worked with the school to create a more inclusive environment for Rajesab, allowing him to attend classes with ease. The construction of a ramp and a specially designated spot in the classroom, along with a toilet at his home, has made daily activities more manageable for him. Thanks to Equip India’s intervention, Rajesab now enjoys the opportunity to pursue education and lead a more fulfilling life despite the challenges of DMD.

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