The Story of Akkamma

Akkamma's inspiring journey at Operation Equip India began with an embroidery course, despite her severe disability.

The Story

Embroidery course from Operation Equip India and excelled in the course in spite of her severe disability. With a short stature and abnormal growth in her fingers, it was difficult to even hold the needle or peddle the sewing machine. When our teachers interviewed her, they were not convinced that she could do this training. Few years back, she had joined the course, but dropped out because of the difficulty. But, when she joined the course this time, she was very much determined to complete it and even our teachers took a lot of effort to teach her. Now, she could complete the course with excellence. Everyone is happy to see the zeal and determination of this young girl as she achieved this milestone. She even showed her skill by designing and stitching her dress that she wore for the graduation program

Akkamma said, “Equip India lifted me up from a corner and trained me in tailoring and embroidery. Now, I am confident that I can earn and support my family. Also, I have experienced greater love here at Equip India than at my own home”.

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