Buy or gift our Handicraft products

Buy or gift our handicraft products and support disabled artisans and embrace their creativity
Buy or gift our Handicraft products


Support the talents and creativity of individuals with disabilities by purchasing or gifting their beautifully handcrafted products, including hand-embroidered bags, purses, mobile pouches, wall hangers, table runners, flower bouquets, and more. Your purchase not only promotes their skills but also provides them with valuable financial support.

By buying the handicraft products made by individuals with disabilities at OEI, you directly contribute to their livelihood and support their families. The proceeds from these sales help them meet their day-to-day expenses, sustain their livelihoods, and even cover the costs of purchasing raw materials for their craftwork. Your purchase plays a crucial role in empowering these individuals to become financially independent and secure a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Your Contribution

Donations play a vital role in sustaining the handicraft working at OEI. Your generous contributions provide essential support for purchasing raw materials, maintaining the production facility, and covering operational expenses. This enables the specially abled individuals to continue their craftwork, develop new products, and expand their market reach. Your donations directly contribute to sustaining their livelihoods and ensuring the longevity of the handicraft working, empowering them to achieve economic stability and financial independence.

Support our Handicraft Initiative and empower specially abled individuals through the purchase of their skillfully handcrafted products.


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

We offer a wide range of handcrafted products such as bags, purses, mobile pouches, wall hangers, table runners, flower bouquets, and more.

Our handicraft products are made by specially abled individuals at OEI who have honed their skills and craftsmanship.

By purchasing these handicraft products, you directly support the artisans’ livelihoods and help them sustain their craftwork. It provides them with income to support their families, cover day-to-day expenses, and invest in necessary materials.

Yes, our handicraft products are crafted with great care and attention to detail. We ensure that they meet high-quality standards before they are made available for purchase.

Absolutely! Our handcrafted products make unique and meaningful gifts for various occasions. By gifting these products, you not only support the artisans but also spread awareness about their skills and talents.

You can purchase our handicraft products through our online store or by visiting our designated outlets. Details regarding purchasing options and availability can be found on our website or by contacting our customer service.

We may be able to accommodate specific requests for customization or personalization. Please reach out to our customer service to discuss your requirements and feasibility.

The funds generated from the purchase of handicraft products are reinvested into sustaining the craftwork, providing better resources and training for the artisans, and supporting the overall operations of OEI’s programs and initiatives.

Buy or gift our Handicraft products Today.

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