About OEI

About OEI- is a non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to equipping people with disabilities and transforming lives for betterment.
about oei

Our Vision

Wholistic transformation for persons with disabilities.

Our Mission

To equip the persons with disabilities and the people with disabling conditions through physical, educational, emotional and socio-economic intervention for a wholistic transformation towards fulfilling the Great Commission.



Who We Are?

Operation Equip India (OEI) is a transformative organization dedicated to serving individuals with physical disabilities and providing comprehensive support for their rehabilitation and well-being. OEI goes beyond the conventional approach by offering a wide range of services aimed at empowering individuals and fostering inclusivity. Through our advocacy reach-out initiatives, we strive to raise awareness and promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities.
Education assistance programs ensure that individuals have access to quality education, enabling them to pursue their dreams and aspirations. OEI’s expertise in orthotics and prosthetics plays a crucial role in enhancing mobility and improving the quality of life for those in need. Moreover, we provision of mobility aids such as wheelchairs and assistive devices enables individuals to regain their independence.
Recognizing the importance of livelihood opportunities, OEI supports vocational training and skill development, enabling people with disabilities to secure sustainable employment. Additionally, through community development activities, OEI fosters an inclusive society that embraces diversity and supports the well-being of all individuals. OEI’s holistic approach towards serving individuals with physical disabilities exemplifies their commitment to creating a more inclusive and empowering world.


Mr. Manivannan M

Mr. Manivannan M


Dr. Dinesh P. Meshramkar

Dr. Dinesh P. Meshramkar


Mrs. Selma Jaisheel Bhasme

Mrs. Selma Jaisheel Bhasme


Mary Aruna Swauger

Mrs. Mary Aruna Swauger


vijay bhaskar

Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar M

Executive Director