Self Help Groups

OEI empowers individuals with disabilities through Self Help Groups, fostering economic independence and inclusive development in communities.
self help groups


Self Help Groups

The Self Help Groups (SHGs) services by OEI aim to empower people with disabilities and their families by fostering a sense of community, support, and economic independence. Through SHGs, individuals with disabilities can come together, pool their resources, and engage in various income-generating activities. OEI provides training, capacity-building, and financial support to these groups, enabling them to start small businesses, such as handicraft production, agriculture, and retail enterprises. By promoting self-reliance and entrepreneurship, the SHG services by OEI empower people with disabilities to lead more fulfilling and sustainable lives while contributing to the overall economic development of their communities.

The Process

The process of Self Help Groups (SHGs) services by OEI involves the following steps:

  1. Identification: OEI identifies individuals with disabilities and their families who are interested in forming self-help groups in their communities.

  2. Formation: A group of interested individuals with disabilities and their families come together to form a self-help group. OEI facilitates the formation process and provides guidance on group dynamics and responsibilities.

  3. Training and Capacity-Building: OEI conducts training sessions for the members of the self-help groups to build their skills and knowledge in various areas such as financial management, entrepreneurship, and vocational skills.

  4. Income-Generating Activities: The self-help groups engage in income-generating activities based on their interests and skills. This may include handicraft production, agriculture, animal husbandry, or other small businesses.

  5. Access to Finance: OEI assists the self-help groups in accessing microfinance and other financial resources to start and expand their businesses.

  6. Market Linkages: OEI helps the self-help groups in establishing market linkages to sell their products and services locally and regionally.

  7. Monitoring and Evaluation: OEI regularly monitors the progress of the self-help groups and provides ongoing support and guidance. This helps in evaluating the impact of the SHG services and making necessary improvements.

  8. Empowerment and Sustainability: Through the SHGs, individuals with disabilities and their families are empowered to take control of their lives, build social networks, and improve their economic conditions. The goal is to create self-sustaining groups that can continue to thrive even after OEI’s direct involvement.

Overall, the Self Help Groups services by OEI are designed to empower individuals with disabilities and their families, promote economic independence, and foster inclusive and sustainable development in the communities they serve.

OEI empowers individuals with disabilities through Self Help Groups, fostering economic independence and inclusive development in communities.


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

Self Help Groups are community-based organizations formed by individuals with disabilities to work collectively and support each other towards economic empowerment and self-sufficiency.

 OEI provides training and capacity-building programs to SHG members, helping them develop various income-generating activities, access financial resources, and enhance their vocational skills.

Yes, Self Help Groups are open to individuals with disabilities from various backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the groups.

OEI may provide financial assistance in the form of microloans or grants to SHGs for starting or expanding income-generating activities.

SHGs contribute to the socio-economic development of the community by creating job opportunities, supporting local businesses, and improving the overall quality of life for members and their families.

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