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OEI provides job placements and support for people with disabilities, empowering them to find meaningful employment opportunities.
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Job placement Services

OEI provides job placement services for people with disabilities, aiming to empower them and create inclusive employment opportunities. Through partnerships with employers and vocational training programs, OEI assists individuals in finding suitable jobs that match their skills, abilities, and interests. The organization’s dedicated team works closely with both the job seekers and employers to ensure a smooth transition and provide ongoing support. By promoting equal opportunities in the workforce, OEI helps individuals with disabilities gain financial independence, build self-confidence, and contribute meaningfully to society.

The Process

  1. Assessment and Career Planning: The process begins with an assessment of the individual’s skills, interests, and career goals. A career plan is developed based on their abilities and aspirations.

  2. Vocational Training: If necessary, individuals may undergo vocational training programs to enhance their skills and qualifications for the job market. OEI collaborates with training institutes to provide relevant training in various fields.

  3. Resume Building and Interview Preparation: The job seekers receive assistance in creating professional resumes that highlight their abilities and accomplishments. They are also provided with interview preparation sessions to build their confidence and improve their chances of success.

  4. Job Search and Networking: OEI utilizes its network of employers, organizations, and job portals to identify suitable employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Job placement coordinators actively search for job openings and connect candidates with potential employers.

  5. Application and Interview Support: Assistance is provided in submitting job applications and scheduling interviews. OEI may provide guidance on how to disclose disabilities during the application process and discuss reasonable accommodations, if required.

  6. Follow-up and Support: OEI maintains regular communication with job seekers and employers to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace. Support may include mentoring, workplace accommodations, and addressing any concerns or challenges that arise.

  7. Ongoing Job Retention Support: Once individuals secure employment, OEI offers ongoing support to help them adapt to the work environment and address any work-related issues. This may involve additional training, advocacy, or assistance with workplace accessibility.

  8. Monitoring and Evaluation: OEI conducts periodic follow-ups to monitor job retention, assess job satisfaction, and identify any further support needs. Feedback from both employers and employees is collected to continually improve the job placement process.

Through this comprehensive process, OEI strives to facilitate successful job placements for people with disabilities, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a supportive work environment.

OEI provides job placement support for people with disabilities, empowering them to find meaningful employment opportunities.


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

OEI offers vocational training, skills development, and job placement assistance to empower people with disabilities in finding suitable employment opportunities.

OEI supports job placements across various sectors, including hospitality, retail, administration, IT, and more, based on the skills and interests of individuals with disabilities.

OEI works closely with employers to promote inclusivity and create accessible work environments that accommodate the specific needs of individuals with disabilities.

Yes, OEI offers post-placement support to individuals to ensure a smooth transition into their new job roles and provide any necessary assistance or accommodations.

Employers interested in supporting job placements for people with disabilities can partner with OEI to access a pool of talented individuals and receive guidance on creating inclusive workplaces.

In some cases, employers may be eligible for financial incentives or subsidies provided by government schemes or disability inclusion programs, which OEI can help navigate.

Yes, OEI offers vocational training programs and skill development initiatives to enhance the employability of individuals with disabilities prior to job placements.

Individuals can reach out to OEI for job placement support by contacting their local office or through the organization’s website to inquire about available opportunities.

Yes, OEI offers career counseling and guidance services to individuals with disabilities, helping them explore career paths, identify their strengths, and make informed choices.

Yes, OEI can facilitate internships or apprenticeship opportunities for individuals with disabilities, providing valuable work experience and enhancing their employability.

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