Surgical Corrections

Transforming lives of specially abeled individual and communities through surgical corrections, one surgery at a time, with OEI.
surgical corrections


Surgical corrections by Operation Equip India (OEI) involve specialized interventions to address deformities and conditions in individuals with disabilities. OEI identifies individuals in need of surgical corrections and provides them with access to the necessary procedures. These surgeries aim to improve mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance the overall well-being of the beneficiaries. OEI’s comprehensive approach includes post-operative care and rehabilitation to ensure successful outcomes and long-term impact. Through its commitment to surgical corrections, OEI is transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities, empowering them to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

The Process

The process of surgical corrections at Operation Equip India (OEI) begins with identifying individuals in need of surgical interventions to address their disabilities or deformities. This can include conditions such as limb deformities, spinal issues, or other physical impairments. OEI assesses the individual’s condition and consults with medical professionals to determine the appropriate surgical approach.

OEI extends its services to individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to afford the necessary surgeries. Through fundraising efforts and generous donations, OEI raises funds specifically earmarked for surgical procedures. These funds cover the costs of the surgeries, including pre-operative assessments, medical consultations, hospital charges, and post-operative care.

Once the surgical corrections are successfully completed, OEI continues to provide comprehensive support during the post-operative phase. This includes rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy and mobility aids, to facilitate the individual’s recovery and reintegration into daily activities. OEI’s commitment to the entire process, from surgery to rehabilitation, ensures that the beneficiaries receive the necessary care and support for a successful outcome.

By raising funds and sponsorship for surgical corrections, OEI is able to offer life-changing opportunities to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to overcome physical limitations and achieve a better quality of life.

Transforming lives through surgical corrections, one step at a time.

Success Stories

Asif enjoyed good health until the age of five, but as he grew older, he developed a deformity in both his legs. Due to ignorance and poverty, his parents neglected the condition, causing it to worsen over time. Asif attended primary school in his village up to the fifth grade before moving to a neighboring village for sixth grade. However, the four-kilometer journey to his new school on foot caused him severe leg pain. Despite the pain, Asif persevered in his studies, but he gradually began to feel ashamed of his disability, withdrawing from friends and relatives.

Fortunately, a former client from his village introduced Asif to OEI, which led to a specialist diagnosing him with Rickets. With the support of OEI, he underwent corrective surgery for his deformity and received regular physiotherapy and mobility aids. During his post-operative care, Asif stayed at OEI’s residential care facility for over six months, witnessing his legs straightening and regaining the ability to walk without pain. His newfound mobility even allowed him to play cricket with his hostel friends, bringing him great joy. Asif expressed his gratitude, stating that he had found a new life at the Rehabilitation Center.
After recovering, Asif returned to his village and completed his 10th grade, crediting the encouragement from the project staff for changing his life and motivating him to pursue his education. He delighted in being able to travel to school independently every day, free from any pain or limitations. Asif had always dreamed of becoming a social worker, and with the assistance of Operation Equip India, he successfully completed his BSW (Bachelors of Social Work) degree. Currently, he has enrolled in a master’s program in Social Work (MSW), taking significant steps towards fulfilling his aspirations.


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

OEI offers specialized surgical interventions to correct deformities and address physical conditions in individuals with disabilities.

 Individuals with disabilities who require surgical interventions to improve their mobility, alleviate pain, or enhance their overall well-being can be considered for surgical corrections by OEI.

OEI raises funds through donations and fundraising efforts specifically designated for surgical corrections. These funds cover the costs of surgeries, including pre-operative assessments, consultations, hospital charges, and post-operative care.

Following the surgeries, OEI provides comprehensive post-operative care and rehabilitation, including physical therapy and mobility aids, to support the individual’s recovery and successful integration into daily activities.

You can contribute by making a donation to OEI’s surgical correction program or participating in fundraising initiatives to help raise funds for surgeries and post-operative care.

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