Customized adaptive devices

Customized adaptive devices, Tailored solutions empowering individuals with disabilities through personalized adaptive devices.
Customized adaptive devices


Customized adaptive devices

Operation Equip India (OEI) specializes in providing customized adaptive devices to individuals with disabilities. These devices are designed and tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of each individual, helping to improve their mobility, independence, and overall quality of life. OEI’s experienced team works closely with individuals and their healthcare professionals to assess their requirements and create devices such as mobility aids, orthotic supports, and assistive technology that enhance their abilities and functionality. By leveraging innovative design and engineering, OEI is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to personalized adaptive devices that empower them to overcome physical barriers and live life to the fullest.

The Process

The process of obtaining customized adaptive devices from Operation Equip India (OEI) begins with a thorough assessment of the individual’s specific needs and requirements. This assessment may involve discussions with the individual, their healthcare team, and possibly even a physical examination.

Based on the assessment, OEI’s team of experts, including engineers, technicians, and therapists, collaborate to design and develop the most suitable adaptive device for the individual. This could include mobility aids such as customized wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches, as well as orthotic supports such as braces or splints.

The design process takes into consideration the individual’s physical abilities, comfort, and functional goals. OEI’s team utilizes advanced technologies, innovative materials, and specialized techniques to create customized devices that are tailored to fit the individual’s unique needs and provide optimal support.

Once the design is finalized, the manufacturing process begins, taking into account the specific measurements and specifications of the individual. OEI’s skilled technicians use their expertise to fabricate and assemble the adaptive devices, ensuring high quality and precision.

After the device is manufactured, it undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure its functionality, durability, and compatibility with the individual’s requirements. OEI’s team then provides proper fitting, adjustments, and training to the individual and their caregivers to ensure they can use the device effectively and safely.

Throughout the entire process, OEI maintains open communication with the individual and their healthcare team to address any concerns, provide ongoing support, and make necessary adjustments as needed.

By following this comprehensive process, OEI is able to provide individuals with customized adaptive devices that enhance their mobility, independence, and overall quality of life, enabling them to overcome physical challenges and participate fully in their daily activities.

Tailored solutions empowering individuals with disabilities through customized adaptive devices.


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

Customized adaptive devices are assistive devices and equipment that are specifically designed and tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of individuals with disabilities.

 Individuals with disabilities of various types and levels of mobility challenges can benefit from customized adaptive devices. This includes individuals with physical disabilities, mobility limitations, or specific functional needs.

Customized adaptive devices can include a wide range of equipment such as custom wheelchairs, orthotic supports, prosthetic limbs, specialized seating systems, mobility aids, communication devices, and more.

Customized adaptive devices are specifically designed and personalized to address the unique needs and challenges of an individual, whereas standard devices are mass-produced and may not provide the same level of comfort, functionality, and support.

Coverage for customized adaptive devices can vary depending on insurance policies, government funding programs, and regional regulations. It is recommended to consult with healthcare professionals, insurance providers, or funding agencies for specific information on coverage.

The time required to obtain customized adaptive devices can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the device, the availability of resources, and the individual’s specific needs. It may involve several weeks to months from the initial assessment to the final fitting and delivery of the device.

Yes, customized adaptive devices can often be adjusted, modified, or upgraded as needed to accommodate changes in the individual’s condition, growth, or functional requirements. Regular follow-ups with healthcare professionals and providers can ensure ongoing support and adaptations if necessary.

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