Residential Care Facility

Residential care facility providing a supportive and safe environment for boys and girls pursuing higher education in the city.
Residential Care Facility


Residential care facility

OEI provides a safe and supportive residential care facility, commonly known as a hostel, for both boys and girls with disabilities who wish to pursue their studies at local colleges in the city. The hostel offers a nurturing environment, accommodation, meals, and necessary support to ensure their academic success and personal growth.

The Process

  1. Application: Students interested in residing at the residential care facility (hostel) need to submit an application along with relevant documents.

  2. Assessment: The applications are reviewed, and eligible candidates are invited for an assessment to evaluate their needs and suitability for the residential care facility.

  3. Admission: Based on the assessment, students are admitted to the hostel if they meet the criteria and there are available spaces. Admission letters are issued to the selected students.

  4. Orientation: Upon admission, students and their families participate in an orientation program where they are familiarized with the hostel rules, facilities, and support services available.

  5. Accommodation and Support: Students are provided with comfortable accommodation, including dormitories or individual rooms, as per availability. The hostel staff ensures their well-being, safety, and support in their academic pursuits.

  6. Study Support: The hostel provides an environment conducive to studying, including study areas, libraries, and access to necessary resources. Students receive academic support and guidance from mentors or tutors.

  7. Meals and Daily Care: Nutritious meals are provided to the students, catering to their dietary requirements. The hostel staff assists with daily care needs, including personal hygiene, laundry, and other essential services.

  8. Recreational and Social Activities: The hostel organizes recreational and social activities, such as sports, cultural events, outings, and group activities, to promote a sense of community and personal growth among the students.

  9. Supervision and Security: The hostel premises are supervised by trained staff who ensure the safety and security of the students. Regular monitoring and supervision are maintained to create a conducive living environment.

  10. Collaboration with Colleges: The hostel collaborates with local colleges to support students in their educational journey, including coordination with college authorities, arranging transportation, and facilitating necessary accommodations.

  11. Continuous Evaluation and Support: Students’ progress and well-being are regularly monitored, and support services, such as counseling and mentorship, are provided to address any challenges they may face.

  12. Transition and Graduation: As students complete their studies and graduate from college, the hostel supports their transition to independent living or further educational pursuits, providing necessary guidance and resources.

Residential care facility providing a supportive and safe environment for boys and girls pursuing higher education in the city


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

The residential care facility is available for both boys and girls who are pursuing their studies at local colleges in the city.

To apply for accommodation, you can contact OEI and submit your application along with the required documents.

Yes, there are separate hostels available for boys and girls to ensure privacy and safety.

The residential care facility offers amenities such as comfortable rooms, study areas, dining facilities, and recreational spaces for the residents.

Yes, the residential care facility has dedicated staff members who provide supervision, support, and guidance to the residents during their stay.

Yes, nutritious meals are provided to the residents at the residential care facility.

The duration of stay at the residential care facility may vary depending on the individual’s educational program and requirements.

OEI may provide financial assistance or scholarships to eligible students based on their needs and availability of funds.

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