Micro Financing and Loans

OEI provides micro financing and loans to start micro-businesses, empowering individuals for income generation and economic growth.
Micro Financing and Loans


Micro Financing/ Loans

The micro-financing and micro-loan initiative by OEI aims to provide financial support to individuals, especially those with disabilities or their family members, to start small-scale micro-businesses for income generation. These micro-businesses could include activities like goat rearing, poultry, petty shops, agriculture, tailoring businesses, tea stalls, and more. By offering access to micro-financing, OEI seeks to promote entrepreneurship, self-reliance, and economic empowerment among the beneficiaries. Through this initiative, individuals are given the opportunity to create sustainable livelihoods, enhance their financial stability, and improve the overall quality of life for themselves and their families. The program not only offers financial assistance but also provides guidance and support to ensure the successful establishment and growth of these micro-busines

The Process

The process of providing micro-financing/loans for starting micro-businesses for income generation by OEI involves several steps:

  1. Identification and Selection: OEI identifies individuals or groups who are interested in starting micro-businesses and have a viable business plan. The selection process may include interviews, assessment of business proposals, and evaluating the potential impact of the proposed business on the individual/family.

  2. Training and Capacity Building: Selected beneficiaries undergo training sessions and capacity building workshops on various aspects of running a micro-business, including business planning, financial management, marketing, and basic entrepreneurial skills.

  3. Loan Application: Once the beneficiaries have completed the training and have a well-defined business plan, they can submit their loan applications to OEI. The loan application includes details about the business, the loan amount required, repayment plan, and other necessary information.

  4. Loan Approval: OEI evaluates the loan applications based on the feasibility of the business plan, the potential for income generation, and the borrower’s repayment capacity. After a thorough assessment, eligible beneficiaries are approved for the micro-financing/loan.

  5. Disbursement of Funds: Once the loan is approved, OEI disburses the funds to the beneficiaries. The amount disbursed is based on the approved loan amount and the specific needs of the micro-business.

  6. Business Launch and Monitoring: Beneficiaries utilize the funds to start or expand their micro-businesses. OEI provides ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the business is running smoothly and achieving its objectives.

  7. Repayment: Beneficiaries are required to repay the loan in regular installments as per the agreed-upon repayment schedule. The repayment amount is structured to be manageable for the beneficiaries based on their business income.

  8. Impact Assessment: OEI conducts periodic impact assessments to evaluate the success of the micro-businesses and the impact on the livelihoods of the beneficiaries. This helps in identifying areas of improvement and refining the micro-financing program.

Through this process, OEI aims to empower individuals and families with the means to establish sustainable micro-businesses, generate income, and improve their overall socio-economic status, ultimately leading to a positive transformation in their lives and the community.

OEI provides micro-financing/loans to start micro-businesses, empowering individuals for income generation and economic growth.


Few of the most asked questions – answered.

Individuals from backward and disabled communities who wish to start a micro business are eligible to apply for micro financing/loans.

OEI provides micro financing support to a wide range of businesses, including tailoring, handicrafts, small shops, agriculture, and other income-generating activities.

Individuals with disabilities can apply for micro financing/loans by contacting OEI’s office and submitting the necessary documents.

Yes, applicants need to submit proof of identity, income, and a detailed business plan to support their loan application.

The interest rate and repayment terms for the micro loans vary depending on the individual’s financial situation and the type of business.

The loan approval process may take a few weeks as OEI carefully evaluates each application to ensure its viability.

 No, OEI does not require collateral to secure the micro loans.

OEI provides ongoing support, including business mentoring, training, and monitoring of the business’s progress.

Yes, OEI offers training and mentoring programs to help individuals develop their businesses and improve their entrepreneurial skills.

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