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One of the greatest needs of persons with disabilities in India is economic sustenance. The government provides just Rs.500 as a monthly pension.

Numerous physical and social barriers prevent many persons with disabilities from finding a decent job. Some are left with no other option but beggary. Life is particularly hard on the rural disabled, where most jobs are labor-intensive agricultural work.

SFT views handicraft production as an ideal means to help persons with disabilities supplement their incomes and provide for themselves. Once the skill is learned, the handicrafts can be made at home. The various stitches and designs are appealing to customers, both locally and abroad.

SFT has its own handicraft training and production unit which focuses on disabled young women from rural areas who are particularly vulnerable to economic difficulties. Once trained, these young women find their jobs liberating and attain  tremendous sense of accomplishment. SFT sells it own products and the products of other rehabilitation centers through its business, Equip INDIA Handicrafts.

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