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Rehabilitation of a Disabled Child
This program enters you into a relationship with a disabled child or youth in need of regular assistance. Your monthly sponsorship help pay for our rehabilitation services among the disabled children and youth where your sponsored recipient resides.
These services may include disability awareness programs in the community, camping and spiritual outreach programs and specific rehabilitation services for the recipient.
In return you will get a picture of your sponsored recipient, biographical information and updates on the child once every 6 months. You can also communicate to your sponsored recipient through our program.

*Because of the varied degree of disabilities among the people we serve, there are times when your sponsorship funds may be too little or too much. In the first case, OEI reserves the right to seek other sponsors who will make up the difference. In the second case, OEI reserves the right to apply the extra funds to the provision of rehabilitation for another disabled child/youth. OEI communicates these decisions to the donor by email as and when necessary.

Rs. 800

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